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Mechatronics Central e-Gizmo partners with Think Lab, providing complete facilities, learning materials and extensive services.


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IEEE Philippines Section endorses Think Lab’s mission of sharing knowledge and educational resources to students and schools.


gearThink Lab Consultants and Lecturers

Our team is composed of teaching faculty and graduates from the University of the Philippines Diliman and are experts in their respective fields. ThinkLab consultants and Think Lab consultants and lecturers have dedicated immense time and effort in various disciplines of electrical and electronics engineering, through their professional work, advanced studies, numerous affiliations and diverse projects and pursuits.


  • Engr. Earl Anthony Mendoza 
    • BS ECE 2008, UP Diliman, “SenSlope : Development of a Remote Monitoring System for Landslides”, Instrumentation Robotics and Control Laboratory
    • MS EE (Instrumentation and Control), UP Diliman

 Earl is took up his masteral degree at the EEE Institute, UP Diliman, under the Engineering Research and Development for Technology (ERDT) Scholarship. He is a graduate affiliate at the IRC Laboratory, and has done extensive collaboration with the UP National Institute for Geological Services on both his undergraduate thesis for monitoring land movement, and his current project, Automated Weather Monitoring System, for remote monitoring of local weather conditions.

Specializations : geotechnical field instrumentation, structural monitoring, microcontroller-based data logging


  • Engr. Roland Jay Miguel
    • BS ECE 2007, UP Diliman, “BlueBeat : Bluetooth-Enabled ECG”, Instrumentation Robotics and Control Laboratory
    • MS EE (Instrumentation and Control), UP Diliman

 RJ is co-founder of StratLoc Corporation, a location-based services company that also garnered Best Technology Award in Global TIC 2008 in Taipei. He has given various lectures in Ateneo, La Salle, Philippine Science High School and Zilog events, and served as adviser to numerous student projects as well. He has done work with TechFarm Inc., St. Luke’s Medical Center, Davao Uptown Clinic and UP NIGS. Incidentally, he is also UP Diliman’s Fastest Geek.

Specializations : embedded and networked systems, biomedical devices, signal conditioning and data acquisition


  • Engr. Michael Lochinvar Abundo, MSEE
    •  BS ECE 2004, UP Diliman, “Pedobarograph System using a Piezo-Electric Transducer Array and Microcontroller-PC Interface”, Instrumentation, Robotics and Control Laboratory
    • MS EE (Instrumentation and Control) 2006, “Effects of a Dynamic Reference Frame for Mental Task Classification of an EEG-Based Brain-Machine Interface”, Instrumentation, Robotics and Control Laboratory
    • Ph.D. EE, UP Diliman and University of Maryland, USA

Mike is taking up his doctorate degree under a joint program of the EEE Institute, UP Diliman and the University of Maryland. He served as laboratory head of UP IRC Laboratory, and full-time faculty of EEE Institute. His research thrusts cover embedded systems, wireless instrumentation and bio-medical devices. He also served as faculty adviser to UP Circuit and UP IECEP, and a dedicated staff of Kapuluan Study Center. He is also part of various start-ups, including GSMetrix, Moblocks Inc. and Alpha Zero Electronics.

Specializations : remote monitoring systems & telemetry, biomedical instrumentation, environmental applications


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