GIZDUINO EX – April 26, May 3 and 10, 2014

GIZDUINO EX – April 26, May 3 and 10, 2014

Gizduino EX Arduino Microcontroller Programming Workshop ThinkLab EGizmo Workshop in Electronics Engineering and Programming

Good day THINKERS!

We invite you to an AWESOME Learning Experience at THINKLAB’s GIZDUINO EX! 

Learn how to program your very own GIZDUINO Microcontroller (Arduino-based) and use it together with different components to create your very own ARDUINO project!

Here at ThinkLab we always emphasize having FUN while LEARNING! So, come and join us in this 3-day Weekend Workshops and have some FUN FUN FUN while you LEARN LEARN LEARN!

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** Gizduino Blink Challenge for Participants (Application: Running Lights, Traffic Lights, LED Indicators)


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