Featured Thinker: Ringo Dingrando

Hi everyone!

We will be featuring some of the people we met during our workshops especially those who have been thinking of ways on how to use the knowledge they acquired during our workshops in their everyday lives.

These are the people who have been inspired by ThinkLab to INNOVATE!

For those who have attended our workshops, you may also create your own videos and articles and send your links to us.

Please fill up this form >> SAY HI!  and send your links in the message box.

We hope to feature more THINKERS in our blog.

Have an INNOVATIVE day everyone!


This is Ringo Dingrando, a Physics and Robotics Instructor from International School Manila. He attended one of our workshops last January 2013. Today he sent us a link of his video of one of his projects using Gizduino. Thank you Ringo and we hope to see your energetic and ecstatic video posts of your projects soon!

Subscribe to his Youtube Channel here >> RINGO’s YOUTUBE


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