What’s new in THINKLAB? Raspberry Pi


Good News Thinkers! Another new way to Create, Invent and Innovate!

Have you heard about the Raspberry Pi? Thinklab is excited to offer Raspberry Pi Programming and Interfacing Workshop this April 2015!

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Raspberry Pi Programming and Applications Workshop

April 11, 2015 (Saturday) – Day 1: Introduction to Raspberry Pi and Basic Applications

April 18 , 2015 (Saturday) – Day 2: Interfacing with the Raspberry Pi VIA SERIAL UART

April 25, 2015 (Saturday) – Day 3: Interfacing with the Raspberry Pi VIA THE INTERNET / INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT)

TIME: 10:00 AM to 5:00PM
SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE: This promo applies to those who will make a reservation on or before Feb 28, 2015 

Fees (PROMO PRICE until Feb 28) Workshop only *with Raspberry Pi
Per session fee ( 1 session = 1 day) Php 2,000 Php 3,000
Student Price (1 session, for undergrad only) Php 1,500 Php 2,500
All three sessions Php 4,000 Php 5,000
Student Price (3 sessions) Php 3,500 Php 4,500
 *Get your own Raspberry Pi for only 1000 pesos! (Limited while supplies last)

Regular Price:

Fees for those who will make a reservation after Feb. 28, 2015

Fees (Regular) Workshop only *with Raspberry Pi
Per session fee Php 3,000 Php 4,000
Student Price (for undergrad only) Php 2,000 Php 3,000
All three sessions Php 6,500 Php 7,500
Student Price (3 sessions) Php 5,500 Php 6,500
 Contact us to know how to secure slots for the workshop and avail of our special promo.
Tentative venue: E-Gizmo Mechatronix Central, Taft Avenue, Manila
Lecture discussion and hands-on exercises
1 Lecturer and Assisting Facilitator/s (as needed)
REQUIREMENTS :·       Recommended background in Linux & Python Programming (preferred, but first-timers are welcome)

·       For those who are not attending Day 1, a background in basic Raspberry Pi Programming is required.

·       USB keyboard / mouse , laptop (optional) 

**Venue and date are final unless participants are notified otherwise. In case of changes, registered participants will be notified via SMS AND email. 

Want to know more? Check these out:


*Raspberry Pi logo and trademark owned by Raspberry Pi Foundation


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