#Arduino Day 2015 Manila – Call for Participants, Contributors and Exhibitors #ArduinoD15

Arduino Day 2015

Join us in an Arduino Day 2015 community event in Manila this March 28 as part of a worldwide celebration of Arduino’s birthday! Everyone is invited: newbies, professionals, teachers, students, hobbyists, makers, etc. Feel free to join and participate.

Cool! How Can I be part of it?

We are temporarily closing the registration for participants while we manage our guest list since we are way over the venue capacity again. Thank you for understanding. 

Please note that the event is for free but slots are limited and RSVP is required.  We have sent ticket invites to those who have registered before March 23, please check your email for details. On March 28, please bring a proof of identification AND a copy of the eventbrite ticket or confirmation email. It can be a print out, or a digital copy on your phone/device. Make sure that the name on the ticket is the same as on your ID. Ticket will also serve as a stub for snacks, raffle, etc.

Everyone who submitted the form below before March 25 , 11:00AM are welcome to attend (even without the tickets) just no guaranteed seats and food stubs.


Thanks everyone for your overwhelming support! We’re successful in bringing this event to a bigger venue to accommodate everyone as a sign of gratitude to all of you awesome Arduino enthusiasts! In just less than 24-hours, we have reached the initial target number of Participants for #Arduino Day 2015 Manila! We now have over two hundred registered participants for this Saturday which is 8 times the original number we expected.

 For those without tickets, reminder that though you are welcome to attend, we cannot guarantee your seats / food stubs. We suggest that you come on time for the seats and we might be handing out additional food stubs to early birds as well.

We hope to celebrate this day with everyone as a community. Hope to see you there! #ArduinoD15 #ArduinoD15Manila

We have been approved as a community organized event and is listed on the official Arduino Day event map!

Click on the picture to view the official Arduino Day event page. Please zoom in for the Manila event pin to appear

For details regarding the venue, program, etc. please visit the official Arduino Day 2015 Manila page.

More info about the global Arduino Day 2015 celebration at https://day.arduino.cc

Contact us for more info.


13 thoughts on “#Arduino Day 2015 Manila – Call for Participants, Contributors and Exhibitors #ArduinoD15

  1. I haven’t received any confirmation yet though I send my registration before March 25 , 11:00AM

    am I legible to attend?

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