#Arduino Day 2017 Manila – Registration Form


Join us in an Arduino Day 2017 community event in Manila this April 1 as part of a worldwide celebration of Arduino’s birthday! Everyone is invited: newbies, professionals, teachers, students, hobbyists, makers, etc. Feel free to join and participate!

Cool! How Can I be part of it?

If you want to contribute, you can sign up as a volunteer, project exhibitor, sponsor, etc. Or if you want to attend, please sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/arduino-day-manila-2017-tickets-33121562485

Free passes

– inclusive of entrance to talks/events, access to view project showcase / exhibitor booths

Please confirm your tickets on or before March 31, 2016. It will serve as your proof of registration, entrance ticket and food stub.

On April 1, please bring a proof of identification AND a copy of the Eventbrite ticket (will be sent via email). It can be a print out, or a digital copy on your phone/device. Make sure that the name on the ticket is the same as on your ID. For students, please bring your school ID / registration form. Ticket will also serve as a stub for snacks, raffle, etc.

We have been approved as a community organized event and is listed on the official Arduino Day event map!


Click on the picture to view the official Arduino Day event page. Please zoom in for the Manila event pin to appear

For details regarding the venue, program, etc. please visit the official Arduino Day 2017 Manila page.

More info about the global Arduino Day 2017 celebration at https://day.arduino.cc

Contact us for more info.


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