#Arduino Day Manila – Call for Volunteers



You know what’s better than being a participant at the Arduino Day Manila event? Why of course being part of our awesome organizing team as a volunteer! You’ll get a certificate of appreciation and cool freebies from our partners and sponsors, so what are you waiting for? Sign up now and be part of the Thinker VolCorps. You know you want to!

NOTE: Only open for registered participants of Arduino Day Manila, except for the event photographer volunteer

Selected volunteers will receive an email confirmation from Thinklab. Contact us for more info



Arduino Day 2015 Manila: Guidelines for Exhibitors and Presenters

Guidelines for Exhibitors and Project Presenters


  1. Projects for Exhibit and Show and Tell are screened prior to the event. Only selected projects will be given a slot for Project Showcase sessions. However, there will be a freetalk and open session to give a chance to those who also want to share their projects or learnings.
  2. Each exhibitor for Project Showcase sessions are given 15-30 minutes to present his/her project. You can opt to create a powerpoint/pdf/etc presentation for this.

The project showcase must contain the following:

    1. Short background about the presenter and the project  (required)
      • How did you come up with the project and for what purpose? (e.g. thesis, contest, school or work requirement, personal use /hobby)
    2. How did you make your project? (required)
      • A brief rundown of the materials used and the procedures involved in making the project, no need to be specific.
      • What Arduino or Arduino compatible hardware did you use? etc.
    3. Your learnings and difficulties encountered and anything else you wish to share with the community. Any tips you can give to those who plan to make a similar Arduino project. (optional)
    4. Pictures, video or actual demo of the project (required)

3. Each Project Showcase session (1-3 projects per session) is followed by a short discussion and Q&A

    • If you wish to ask for inputs/advice from the community on how to improve your project, you can do so as long as time allows for it.

4. Due to the limited space on the venue, projects that will be brought for live demo/showcase should be limited to the following dimensions:__________. If your project exceeds that, we suggest that you show pictures/videos  as demo instead.

5. There will be a designated area for project exhibits where participants can view your projects on display. Please make sure to have someone manning your booth or temporarily stow it to prevent loss/damage when you’re not around. The projects you bring are your own responsibility, the organizers will not be held liable for any loss or damage during the event.

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