Introducing our newest, coolest workshop yet: Thinklab Instrumentation Workshop, for an introductory price of  only 1,500 pesos!

Learn to interface ECG, temperature, humidity, pulse sensors and many others to create innovative projects, gadgets and gizmos. Who knows you may even come up with the next big invention? Join us starting this October 2014 for another  AWESOME learning experience!

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** Gizduino Blink Challenge for Participants (Application: Running Lights, Traffic Lights, LED Indicators)



Gizduino Weekend Projects #1

It’s been a long time since we last posted here in our blogsite. Sorry, we’ve been busy with other stuff. Don’t worry, THINKLAB.PH blog is now back! Stay tuned for more updates from here onwards.

As for now, just take a peek on how we play with our Gizduino. We’ll be posting more and more projects soon! 😉


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