#Arduino Day Manila – Call for Volunteers, Contributors and Sponsors #ArduinoD16 #GenuinoD16Manila



Be part of the Arduino (Genuino) Day 2016 community event in Manila! Calling all user groups, makers, students, organizations, associations, teachers, pros, and newbies!. Thinklab is hosting Genuino Day 2016 Manila again this year and we need you to make this the grandest Arduino birthday party to date!

Cool! How can I be part of it?

  • Project Exhibitor – Bring your awesome Arduino projects for demo / show and tell. You will be required to submit a project description and photo/video demonstration of your project for screening.
  • Sponsor – any sponsorship in cash or in kind is accepted. Provide give-aways or prizes for games and raffles,  publicity materials, etc. Open to start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to feature their Arduino related products and services, you can have a booth or provide a talk/workshop during the event.
  • Volunteer – Open to organizations and individuals. Be part of the registration team, ushers, event photographers, etc. You will be required to attend a pre-event briefing to qualify. Tentative date: March 19, 2016
  • Org partners – School organizations can be official org partners. Get free seats for your members and you can also help us get event sponsors.
  • Others – do you wan’t to contribute to the event in any other way? Just let us know, we are open to your suggestions!

You’ll also get a certificate of appreciation and cool freebies from our partners and sponsors, so what are you waiting for? Sign up now and be part of this awesome event!. You know you want to!

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED (as of 12MN of 3/31/16).

Selected volunteers, project exhibitors and sponsors will receive an email confirmation from Thinklab, please give us a few days to review submissions before we can get back to you, thank you for your understanding. Contact us for more info.

More info on the global event at day.arduino.cc



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